The week in cloud: FUD and loathing edition

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Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD) has been a factor in technology adoption since, well since forever. And that there’s FUD around cloud adoption driven by data security concerns is a no brainer. Sure, companies can go for all sorts of security certifications, but it’s unclear that accreditation will ease cloud anxiety.

safeFanning the FUD flame this week was a new report (PDF here) from the Commission on the Theft of American Intellectual Property estimates that IP theft costs the  U.S. economy  $300 billion per year. Not surprisingly, China was fingered as the chief culprit, although Russia and India were also named  as problem children here.

The panel, Reuters reported, wants to anoint the president’s national security advisor as grand poobah of a ramped-up effort to protect intellectual property. Bad behavior should be met with banking sanctions, import bans and  financial blacklisting, according to the 89-page report. (In related news, former CIA…

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