Yahoo, meet your new users: Tumblr adds sponsored posts, and the grumbles begin

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Tumblr hasn’t even been under Yahoo’s ownership for two full weeks, and already the „Yahoo“ tag on Tumblr has become a colorful collection of rants and expletives from angry users, many of whom are convinced Yahoo has ruined their community.

Disgruntled users aren’t anything new when a company changes hands. But the complaints by Tumblr users speak to the challenges Yahoo faces in winning over the young audience it acquired and in turning Tumblr into a money maker by introducing advertising where it didn’t previously exist.

Yahoo announced Thursday that it would begin showing ads in the form of sponsored stories on the Tumblr web dashboard, which is where core Tumblr users go to check for updates from the blogs they follow. Tumblr had already introduced ads on mobile back in April, and when Yahoo announced the Tumblr acquistiion, there was no question that its ad network would soon…

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