International Communication Strategies with YouTube

Marketing und Multimedia (MuM)

Niklas Gisbert & Philipp Bensmann

Social media marketing is getting more and more important for companies that strive for international success. Similarly, marketing and communications highly rely on video content. With 60 hours of video content uploaded per minute and 4 billion clicks every single day, the 2005 founded platform YouTube – overtaken by Google in 2006 – is the most important online video channel in social media. Having grown its online streams by 25 % in the past eight months (, 16.05.2012), the video-sharing website and its user-generated video content has not only become very attractive to private users, but also to international corporations – serving as a significant marketing and communication channel.

Virals can get billions of clicks, so make the video worth watching.

The challenge for companies is to create videos with relevant content and ambitious promotion – often known as virals. Virals get millions…

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