More Possible Than Ever 1:1 Marketing

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Indispensable Marketing

With the advent of social media, online marketing changed. Suddenly, it’s now possible for personal or corporate brands, companies, and organizations to use these tools to have bilateral intimacy—engagement. The result is that you can be more connected to your fans, customers, and supporters than ever before.

This change now requires that an organization transform into customer management organization instead of a brand organization. Which means you must care about your end-user. You must be authentic and transparent with them, and you must engage them in the creation of products and services. In fact you should make it an integral part of your company’s marketing strategy.

All of this represents 1:1 marketing. Which is not about trying to sell a single product to as many customers as possible, instead, it’s about trying to sell a single customer as many products as possible, over a long period of  time—you know the marathon that…

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